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Hoosier Pass History

Thursday July 1st

2:34 PM - Open

2:08 PM - Closed

Description: Southbound lanes blocked for crash. Traffic is alternating on northbound lanes. Use caution watch for emergency crews. Expect delays

Friday April 16th

7:56 PM - Open

6:34 PM - Closed

Description: Hoosier Pass closed due to crash. Expect delays, Use Alternate route

Tuesday April 6th

5:10 PM - Open

4:52 PM - Closed

Description: Single-vehicle crash. Expect delays.

Saturday March 27th

10:44 AM - Open

10:20 AM - Closed

Description: Both directions closed. Use caution. Watch for crews.

Saturday February 6th

6:20 AM - Open

3:32 AM - Closed

Description: Road blocked by jackknifed semi.

Wednesday December 30th

2:04 PM - Open

10:38 AM - Closed

Description: Hoosier Pass closed both ways from 10 am to 1 pm. Alternate Routes Advised.

Sunday November 15th

11:24 AM - Open

11:12 AM - Closed

Description: The highway will be closed for a brief period while crews recover a vehicle.

Tuesday September 8th

9:58 PM - Open

6:48 PM - Closed

Description: Adverse weather conditions. Use alternate route.

Friday August 7th

12:12 AM - Open

Thursday August 6th

11:30 PM - Closed

Description: Crash, Road Closed

Tuesday March 24th

8:25 AM - Open

6:45 AM - Closed

Description: Crash blocking northbound lanes. Use caution, watch for slowing and stopped vehicles.

5:01 PM - Open

3:27 PM - Closed

Description: A semi has spun out and is blocking the highway, expect delays

Friday February 7th

8:00 AM - Open

6:20 AM - Closed

Description: Due to inclement weather, use alternate route.

Tuesday February 4th

10:50 AM - Open

10:28 AM - Closed

Description: CO 9 is closed while crew recover a vehicle.

Friday January 17th

4:15 PM - Open

3:31 PM - Closed

Description: Vehicle recovery. Use caution, slower speeds advised.

Friday November 29th

3:41 PM - Open

3:31 PM - Closed

Description: commercial vehicle blocking both directions, use caution, watch for crews

Friday August 30th

11:17 PM - Open

5:47 PM - Closed

Description: Due to crash, expect delays.

Tuesday July 23rd

6:09 PM - Open

5:01 PM - Closed

Description: Due to a crash. No estimated time of opening.

Tuesday July 9th

3:25 PM - Open

3:23 PM - Closed

Description: Hoosier Pass H9 MM 79-80 both directions closed due to mechanical issues with a semi. Expect delays. Use caution and slower speeds.

Friday May 17th

1:07 PM - Open

11:43 AM - Closed

Description: Crash. Full closure both directions, use alternate route.

Monday May 13th

3:53 PM - Open

2:31 PM - Closed

Description: Both Lanes Blocked Due to Jack-knifed Semi, Be Prepared To Stop, Use Caution

Thursday April 4th

10:45 AM - Open

9:53 AM - Closed

Description: N/A
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